Who provides assistance to passengers with disabilities on TAME EP flights?
TAME EP is responsible to assist passengers with disabillities in every flight phases, including connecting flights until passenger arrives to his/her final destination.

What are the requirements for a minor to board a flight?

  • No child under 7 years old can travel unaccompanied by an adult.
  • If the child greater than 7 years may travel unaccompanied as long as meet the following requirements:
  • The child must get to the airport accompanied by an adult. The child must sign the necessary documents and stay at the airport until the aircraft has taken off.
  • The accompanying adult must provide to TAME EP staff the information that you are sending the child from the origin and the person who will meet the child at the point of destiny.
  • The person receiving the child at the destination must present an ID with photo to TAME staff only.
  • Always check the legal requirements and necessary permits from which the child with immigration authorities of your country.

Are there any additional charges for this assistance?
TAME EP applies a service charge in  domestic routes 30.00 USD, and  international routes 150.00 USD, per each one.

How do I make arrangements for an elderly passenger who needs special attention?
To request special accommodations inside the plane, just request it at the time you purchase your ticket, no matter if you buy your ticket at any of our sales offices. If you cannot do this specification at the time of booking, we recommend you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights before their flights to request such assistanc-e to TAME EP staff.

Who helps seniors in connecting flights?
When you apply for special attention, TAME EP staff will arrange that this care were offered to our passengers during all phases of flight, including connections until the passenger arrives to its final destination.

Is there an additional charge for this kind of help?
TAME EP offers the service to special needs totally free without any extra charge.

What is your procedure to transport animals in cargo?
TAME EP transports live animals in the cargo compartment, meeting certain transport specifications and depending on the aircraft type.

What is your procedure to carriage pet in cabin?

TAME EP, can transport two pet in cabin on Airbus and Embraer equipments; and only one in those small equipments (capacity 48 passengers). in all national and international,TAME EP flights itinerary complying  the following conditions:

  • The cost for this service is $75 plus taxes for each country for international flights and $20 plus taxes for domestic flights.
  • Container´s size should have 58cm long x 40cm wide and 23cm deep.
  • This service can be request at least 48 hours prior the trip.
  • The type of containers must be an approval model; or those closure containers allowing the correct animal breathing. Bags or containers without these specifications will not be accepted for carry on board in TAME EP flights.
  • The pet must be small in order to fit comfortably in a kennel (softside or hardside) without touching or extending the sides.  The pet must be able to move inside the kennel and this must fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Pet in cabin service will be charged during the process of checking at the airport.
  • The service is available for all flights operated by TAME EP, this procedure does not apply to connecting flights with other carriers interline agreements.
  • The total weight shall not exceed the 6 kg (PET cage).
  • If weights or dimensions exceed the stablish rules, you can send the pet by cargo (only on domestic routes).

What do I need to have on hand for air transport?

Every passenger must meet the following requirements and submit the following documents to fly:
National Flights
International Flights
Passport or ID (original) Passport (original)
Ticket Ticket
Boarding Pass Boarding Pass

What documents need unaccompanied minors?

  • All minor to leave their origin country requires:
  • Output notarized permission signed by parent or guardian (if applicable according to country).
  • Fill out a form with information on the minor, the person giving and the person receiving the child at the final destination.
  • The form must be signed by the managers and employees of TAME EP at the point of origin and at the point of arrival.

How many hours before I have to be at the registration desk?

All passengers must be presented at the counter of TAME EP with minimal 1 hour for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights before departure, depending on itinerary.

What would happen if I am late to the counter or miss my flight?
Remember that any change is subject to the rules and conditions of the tariff, which can increase the cost of the ticket or request additional charges. If you have missed a flight voluntarily or for some reason that is outside the responsibility of the airline you should come immediately to our points of sales to reprogram your itinerary.

Where can I find information about the causes of the delay?
TAME EP implemented a policy of keeping our customers informed about all irregular situation by pre advertisements, broadcast every 30 minutes, however feel free to approach any of our counters to request more information.

What is the refund policy of TAME EP if the aircraft suffers mechanical damage or another inconvenience caused by the airline?
If TAME EP is responsible for the interruption of the journey due to causes attributable, for example, to mechanical failure of the aircraft, maintenance, logistical problems with equipment, last minute itinerary change (less than three days); you may request a full refund or part of your ticket, as applicable. Such reimbursement is called involuntary. In such cases no penalty charges apply.

Like passenger, what does it depends buying a one way ticket or return ticket?
All passengers traveling in TAME required by the customer, who is not a citizen or resident of the city of destination and is traveling as a tourist, evidence to leave the country, as a sample of returning to the country of origin or continuity to another final destination country.

How long does it valid a ticket that I have not used?
Any ticket issued by TAME EP is valid for transportation for one year from the date of issuance ticket, if you have not begun the journey. The issue date of the ticket is the date on which payment is made in cash or by credit card or the invoice date that the ticket set when the payment has been made by any acceptable form of payment. If a ticket fully forwards, new ticket validity will be determined from the date on which the ticket was submitted.

Is it possible to make a name change on the ticket I bought?
It is not possible name change. If the purchase was already made and the name is incorrect, must contact our Call Center to request the cancellation of the reservation and go to the refund section for the appropriate action. If you made a reservation only, you must cancel and make a new one with the correct name. Remember that, in this case, fare may vary the price quoted value.

Is it possible to make a change of identification number on the ticket I bought?
You can make the change if the ticket is not issued, so you have to contact our
Call Center and make the change, then contact our nearest sales office.

Are airport taxes included in the ticket price?
Taxes are included in your ticket; however some countries do not charge tax by airline. In these cases you must cancel the tax at the airport of the respective country.

Can I take perishable items in my luggage?
TAME EP requests that do not transport these items in your luggage. Doing so is at your own responsibility and is subject to acceptance by the authorities.

To what extent is the airline responsible with the articles of checked baggage?
The airlines are responsible for products that are for comfort and passenger use during the trip. TAME EP is not responsible for items: fragile, antiques, artwork, books, photographs, documents, securities, televisions, computers or another electronic devices and accessories, cell phones and accessories, photographic video or optical equipment and accessories, furs, money, jewelry, precious metals, medicines or medical supplies, perishable baggage, items that the passenger should carry it into the cabin of the aircraft, samples, articles for commercial use, unique and irreplaceable items and similar valuable items. Valuable items should always be under the care of the passenger, so we ask transporting them in your hand luggage.

What should I do if my baggage is removed in doors?
For space constraints, your hand luggage may be removed at doors. If this will come to pass, you must remove objects outside the scope of responsibility and take them under your custody because at that time your hand luggage becomes checked baggage governed by the terms and conditions that this entails.

What are the baggage tickets? And why are they important?
Baggage tickets are proof that airlines give their customers for identification of each of theirs invoiced pieces. These are very important and should not lose them or throw them away, even and when you have arrived at your final destination, they are essential in case you have any subsequent claim for your luggage.

What is the time limit to bring a claim for luggage?
In the course of suffering luggage damage or lost luggage, we recommend claim immediately with TAME EP personnel at the airport traveler have 7 days from the arriving date to submit a complaint through: http://bit.ly/sactame

Can I send objects or packages without passengers?
All baggage must travel accompanied by the passenger, otherwise it cannot be transported.

Can I travel if I am pregnant?
You can travel as long as you meet the following requirements. If you are within a period equal to or greater than 28 weeks of gestation you must submit, for each flight, a medical certificate specifying the estimated date of confinement and that you can travel without any risk by air from the origin point to the destination point. The medical certificate must be less than ten days of issued. During the trip you cannot be located in emergency seats.

Where can I check the immigration and/or health requirements to enter a country as a final destination or transit?
You are reminded that for all international travel is essential to have a valid passport. Learn on regulations and immigration requirements every time you make an international trip because these rules are constantly changing. It is your responsibility to obtain all entrance, departure and health documents, and any other documents required by the destination country. If you are unsure of immigration requirements, we recommend, before you buy the ticket, check with the consulate or embassy of the destination country.